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Access Requirements
To avoid disappointment please adjust your PC to the following (minimum) settings:
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 or higher
Colours 16 bit or 32.768 colours
Browsers (Version 4.0 of both) Click to downloadClick to download
Browser Specification Tables and frames have to be enabled
For Animation

Should you see the animation above, Macromedia Shockwave is loaded already and you will see all Macromedia Flash animation. You don't have to do anything!

If not, the "Get Shockwave" button will be visible. Click on it. A small window will open asking you if you would like to download Macromedia Shockwave. Answer Yes. Lastly, you will be asked whether you grant installation of this player. Answer Yes. The whole procedure shouldn't take longer than two minutes. Enjoy!

Additional Settings JAVA has to be enabled.

To adjust MS Internet Explorer 4.0 for JAVA:

In Internet Explorer click View - Internet Options and then the Advanced Tab. Scroll down and click "JAVA JIT compiler enabled" until you see a tick mark next to it.

To adjust Netscape Navigator 4.0 for JAVA:

In Netscape Navigator click Edit - Preferences and then Advanced. Make sure "Enable JAVA" is selected.

Final Tip Windows 95 has - besides plenty others - a certain fault with regard to the Internet: Surfing could be a bit slow because in the Registry the transfer packs are set to 1500 MTU. To speed up the transfer, do the following: 

Click Start / Find / Files or Folders. In the box "Named" type "Regedit". Once this file is found, double click on it. When you are in the Registry search for "MaxMTU". Once this section is found (could take a while), change the value from 1500 to 576, close all windows and programmes and then re-boot. That's all.

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